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Hands Accross the Border 156 of NAFCA
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Welcome to the Hands Accross the Border 156 of NAFCA web site. We are one of many chapters under the North American Family Campers Association. We are a chapter of about 50 families and we all go camping. We have a few meetings a year in the area. We are the only NAFCA chapter located in the province of Quebec and the only chapter in the country of Canada.  We have members from both the United States and Canada. Membership to Hands Accross the Border 156 is only $3/year. In order to join Hands Accross the Border 156, you must first join NAFCA. 

If you want information on becoming a member of our chapter, please contact our president:
Donald Nixon
(819) 826-2694
Hands Accross the Border
PO Box 1074
Derby Line, VT 05830
To join NAFCA, contact them here:
P.O. Box 318
Lunenburg, MA 01462